School Safety Matters
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Tip of the Month
Safety analysts estimate that every dollar invested in safety programs can provide a return of $4 to $6 in reduced costs.

For example, if your district invests $10,000 in a new safety program, it could potentially save your district $40,000 to $60,000!

Quote of the Month
"A renewed commitment to students' mental health and emotional well-being is key. Helping schools reduce bullying, drug abuse, other forms of violence and problem behaviors is also vital."

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
responds to the President's recommendations for reducing gun violence.

Brian TaylorOur Commitment to Your Safety
I'm Brian Taylor, the CEO of SafeSchools. Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter.

After the tragic events in Newtown, school safety is most certainly on everyone's mind. From administrators, to staff members, to parents, everyone, including the entire team at SafeSchools, wants to ensure that our children are safe at school.

And we want you to know that SafeSchools can help. Working together, we can help foster a culture in your district where safety is top of mind, and in the event an emergency should occur, your staff will know how to best respond.

That's why in this issue we're providing information on each of our Web-based solutions. We want to be sure that you know how our resources can help make your district an even safer place to work and learn. We're proudly serving 4,000 districts as a trusted safety and compliance partner and would love to serve you and your colleagues, too.

In this issue, you can learn more about:
  1. SafeSchools Training: Our flagship staff training and policy acceptance system.
  2. SafeSchools Alert: Our online bullying reporting and tracking system.
  3. SafeSchools MSDS: Our online MSDS and chemical inventory management system.
  4. NEW! SafeSchools Accident Tracking: Our online accident tracking and first report of injury system.
If you're already a SafeSchools customer, thanks for your support! If there are additional ways that we can help you with our other products, please let me know.

If you're not yet a SafeSchools customer, call us at 1-800-434-0154 or email info@safeschools.com for more information, to schedule a demo, or to request a guest account for any of our products. We look forward to learning more about your safety initiatives and how we can best support your goals.

On behalf of the entire SafeSchools Team, we hope you have a safe and healthy 2013 and look forward to working with you.
SafeSchools Training

Online Staff Training & Policy Acceptance

More and more administrators are finding it difficult to allocate the necessary time and resources to conduct face-to-face training. This model has its share of strengths, but it can also be:
  • Costly.
  • Time-consuming.   
  • Problematic for employees who miss the meeting.
  • Hard to replicate for new hires.
  • Retention isn't always the greatest.
  • Difficult to track for compliance purposes.
The good news is, you can easily completely automate your staff training AND policy acceptance online with SafeSchools Training and enjoy these benefits:
  • Email notify staff with 100% school-focused courses that work for all employees, including New Hires and Spanish-speaking employees.
  • 24/7 access allowing employees to train when it's most convenient for their schedule.
  • Automate progress reports to principals and support staff that track completions and policy acceptance.
  • Save $36 for every $1 you spend on the low-cost of SafeSchools Training!
Regina Wright, Human Resources Specialist from Denton ISD in Texas says, "I'm proud to say that SafeSchools Training has helped us maintain compliance, ensure employee accountability, prevent lawsuits, and increase our employee's knowledge. It has saved us countless training costs and has reduced training time too!" To read our Denton ISD case study, please click here.

Want to learn more about SafeSchools Training? Click here to watch a short overview. Or request a guest account at info@safeschools.com.

And, best of all, when you bundle SafeSchools Training with any of our other products, you're eligible for our multi-product discount program. Call us at 1-800-434-0154 and let's get started today. 
SafeSchools Alert

Bullying Reporting & Tracking

Recent U.S. education statistics show:
  • Every 7 minutes a child is bullied at school.
  • 1 in 3 teens report being bullied and 1 in 10 reported being bullied daily or several times a week.
  • Every year 19,000 bullied children attempt suicide and tragically many are successful.
We believe that every child deserves to go to school free of fear. That's why we developed SafeSchools Alert, an online incident reporting and tracking system that allows students, staff, and parents to anonymously report safety concerns 24/7/365. District administration can receive valuable tips on:
  • Bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • Harassment
  • Intimidation
SafeSchools Alert lets you report and receive tips 4 convenient ways, making it easy to stay connected:
  1. Phone
  2. Text
  3. Email
  4. Website
These tips are then logged in your custom Alert system for district administration to manage, investigate, and resolve.

According to Scott Deutsch, Risk Manager for Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver, Washington, "SafeSchools Alert helps us track incidents, compile data, and respond in a timely manner."

To watch a short overview of the Alert system, please click here. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please call 1-800-434-0154 or email info@safeschools.com.
MSDS logo  

Online MSDS & Chemical Management

Updating and maintaining your chemical inventory and MSDS binders can be a daunting task, but one that should be done regularly to ensure the safety of all staff and students. SafeSchools MSDS is our online Material Safety Data Sheet management system for organizing, updating, and storing your districts chemical inventory lists into virtual binders. Using our online system, you can:
  • Easily create and update virtual MSDS binders for the entire district.
  • Search our repository of chemicals and MSDSs to create virtual binders.
  • Organize your chemical inventory and binders by work area.
  • Print out virtual binders as neatly organized physical MSDS binders.
  • Quickly find a specific MSDS with our advanced search tool in case of an emergency.
And, SafeSchools MSDS is integrating the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) changes into our system, so you'll be prepared. Request a free trial by calling us at 1-800-434-0154 or emailing info@schoolmsds.com.
SafeSchools Accident TrackingNew Product!

Accident Tracking & First Report of Injury

A Risk Management Department can receive hundreds of accident reports a day that must be manually entered into different systems based on the injured party. Administrators tell us it can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. That's why we developed our new SafeSchools Accident Tracking system that lets you:
  • Record, investigate, and manage accidents anywhere on your campus, through any web-enabled device.
  • Use one system for any injury or accident including student, employee, or visitor.
  • Automatically populate federal, state, and district forms with employee data so you save valuable time.
  • Access a comprehensive report system that delivers key metrics for easy trend analysis.
And, when you bundle SafeSchools Accident Tracking with other SafeSchools products, you're eligible for our multi-product discount program.

For more information, please click here or to request a demonstration call 1-800-434-0154.
School Safety News
Gunman Shoots Bus Driver and Takes Child Hostage

Teens Facing Charges after Threats against School on Facebook

Bullying Attack Leaves Boy in Coma

Students Sever Fingers in Game of Tug of War

Shooting on College Campus

Teacher in Trouble after Facebook Photo of Students

Teacher Accused of Smoking Marijuana with Students

Teacher Arrested for Molesting 20 Children

Student Shot by Fellow Student

Family Files Bullying and Harassment Lawsuit against School District

Teacher's Aide Accused of Misconduct

Teen Accused of Cyberbullying Using Instagram

2 Hurt in School Bus Crash

Student Dies While Playing Basketball

Family Claims School Did Nothing to Stop Bullying
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