The Oregon School Safety Officers Association was founded in 1982 by a group of like minded safety conscience school district employees.

The association is governed by a five member board. Three advisory positions also serve on the board in a non-voting capacity.

In 2010, the Oregon School Safety Association and OSSOA merged.

Board of Directors meetings

Each year, in September, the board of directors schedules all board meetings for the year. This year they are generally scheduled the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Please contact us with your ideas, suggestions or questions. By working together we can make our organization stronger, allowing us to better serve the students and schools of Oregon.


  • Provide a means whereby those engaged in the safety programs of Oregon schools can meet, discuss and study all phases of school safety.
  • Cooperate with any organization for the betterment of school safety.
  • Strive constantly for the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness in safety methods and practices.
  • Work for the improvement of school safety official qualification standards.
  • Strive for the improvement of school safety.
  • Promote and encourage any legislation that is necessary for the foregoing objectives.

Oregon School Safety Officers Association
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