Health issues

Influenza and Infectious Disease Resources


How to clean and disinfect schools

Stopping the Spread of Germs at Home, Work, & School

CDC Norovirus Information

US Dept. of Veteran Affairs
General Flu Posters
Hand Hygiene Posters
Respiratory Etiquette Poster
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

How Influenza is Spread Video

Pandemic informational video

NIAD Norovirus Infomation  Vaccine Availability and Locations

Animals - service, therapy, other

Salem-Keizer SD's policy, procedure and form for how they handle animals in their district.

Arts & Crafts

 Art & Creative Materials Institute

Approved list of art and craft supplies


The Right-to-know Network
  Oregon Environmental Council
Oregon State University
Environmental Health Sciences Center
Environmental Protection Agency Tools for Schools
  Student Center


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a rule that requires certain testing and precautions be performed and taken when renovating, repairing or painting where lead paint may be found. (RRP Rule)


Pesticide Action Network - North America
Approved Low Impact Pesticides
Integrated Pest Management
Program coordinator - Oregon State University


Action on Smoking and Health
  American Lung Association in Oregon

Oregon School Safety Officers Association
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