Disaster resources

Ready Houston "Run, Hide, Fight" Video
Beaverton School District Lock-In Procedures
Lock-Out Procedures
Tragedy response resources following a shooting
Tips For Talking with Children Following a Shooting
Psychological Impact of a Shooting
Parent Guidelines For Helping Teens
Tips For Media Coverage
AHA Parenting   How to Talk to Kids about Shooting
NASP Resources  
Recommendations for Helping Kids Cope with Crises
 AFT Dealing with Incidences of School Violence
 Safe Schools Free "Aftermath of Tragedy' Training course
Oregon Emergency Management Oregon's emergency operations plan
Ready.gov is a coordinated site of FEMA's Citizen Corps and disaster planning resources

Frequently Asked Questions the Dept. of Homeland Security receives
General planning resources
Create a plan
  Video - preparing a emergency plan

Emergency kit contents
  Family location worksheet
  Mitigating problem areas
  Small pox
  Emergency alert systems
Tsunamis OEM - brochures, training, links

NOAA - offers the TsunamiReady program for communities
  Video - USGS training and information
Earthquakes Oregon ShakeOut - Resources, event information and games
  Instructional handout
planning resources
FEMA's Preparedness Tips for School Administrators (a PDF with clickable links to more resources)

FEMA's Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools Site Index (link to FEMA's website with a ton of great planning resources not duplicated in the PDF above)

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